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about rainhandler

about the product

Where it all started

Rainhandler rain disperser system was designed by Dick Schapker an MIT Engineering graduate who had a ladder accident while cleaning his old fashioned gutter system. Believing there had to be a better way, Schapker invented and patented the original Rainhandler rain disperser.

From 1990 to 1993, over a quarter million dollars were invested in research and development to further improve Rainhandler performance. The result was the Rainhandler Plus, with curved louvers rather then flat slats. This new Rainhandler improved dispersion by 30% and proved to be 20% stronger than the original Rainhandler. Two patents were issued as a result of this improved design and performance.

The product is 100% made in the USA. Rainhandlers are actively marketed by authorized Distributors in Europe and Canada. We have more than half a million satisfied users throughout the United States and many foreign countries. We look forward to the opportunity to add you to this long list of satisfied Rainhandler System owners.


Self Cleans
Unique louver design allows leaves and debris to blow or wash away. A gutter collects leaves and debris.

Protects Property
The Rainhandler self-cleaning gutter system eliminates clogged, over-flowing gutters and downspouts. No ground erosion. No more destructive ice dams from a frozen gutter.

Protects You
The Rainhandler gutter is self-cleaning and protects you from the need to climb dangerous ladders and roofs to clean a clogged gutter.